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About the Photographer

Jim Christensen is an internationally known and award winning artistic photographer, specializing in the beauty of life under the sea, and the nature of the great outdoors.

Jim took up diving in 1991 and has been capturing the beauty of the ocean ever since. From the beginning underwater photography has been his obsession, and you will never see him on a dive without a camera in his hands.

In addition to his own photography, Jim is more than happy to offer assistance and inspiration to his fellow travelers. "It's a great feeling when someone who was being frustrated, and after a few hints and a little inspiration, suddenly comes up with that once in a lifetime shot"

His photos have received numerous awards including, the David Doubilet Award for Excellence in Underwater Photography.

Jim shoots with an Nikon camera, and "far too many lenses!"

If you would like to contact Jim, please send him an E-mail.
Jim Christensen