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Underwater Photography by Jim Christensen

Welcome to Photography by Jim Christensen

Life began in the sea and 80 percent of Earth's life still lives there. In the ocean, life has evolved in a myriad of varieties, and shapes and sizes, from the great whales, to the tiniest of plankton. On the largest living things in the word, the coral reefs, every square inch is covered with plant and animal life.

This site is dedicated to wonders of life beneath the sea, that have been captured from around the world, as well as glimpses from the exotic locations that I have had the pleasure to visit.

Here you can explore a window into the variety of life from under the sea.

Start your exploration by selecting from one of the Galleries and enjoy your underwater explorations with photographs from around the world.

Wallpapers are free to download. Custom enlargements are also available.

Thanks for visiting!

Jim Christensen

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